Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To Enter Casual Observations

Here is how to enter casual observations for the Atlas (click on images to view in larger format):

Go to: and then go to “Data and Maps” and then click on “Online Data Entry”. You then need to enter your atlasser number and password and click on “login” (direct link = )

Click on “Casual Obs.”

Enter a square ID number of the left, then the date on the right then the species and breeding code. In this example I have entered 14PA22 (western Winnipeg), then May 2nd, then I entered the code SOSP and pressed the tab button and the program atomically recognised SOSP = Song Sparrow, then I entered the code S (for “singing”).

You can then go to the next line and enter another observation either in the same square or in a different square…

If you don’t know what square your observation is in click on the little blue circle and a map will pop up like this – you can navigate with the map, zooming in or out as needed as then when you are ready click on the “Transfer” button…

The coordinates will then transfer to the form – note if you have transferred coordinates in this way you do not need to fill in the square number (the program will do it for you)

When you have entered all the casual observations you want, click on the “Continue” button on the bottom of the page

The records will appear in a list – check the details and then click “Finalize these records” and you are done (you can then start a new form or go back to the main data entry page or log out)

HAVE FUN!! How to fill out a breeding evidence form is in the post below!

How to Enter Breeding Evidence Online

Here is how to enter a breeding evidence form for the Atlas:

Go to: and then go to “Data and Maps” and then click on “Online Data Entry”. You then need to enter your atlasser number and password and click on “login” (direct link = )

For breeding evidence you need to define your squares first. If you have entered casual observations already, you will have a list of squares. If not, click on “List of squares

When the screen comes up enter in the square number of the square that you want to enter breeding evidence for (you can give the square a name too although this is optional)

When you have your squares defined, click on “Go back

Select the square you want from the list that says “Select a square” and click on “Breeding Evid.” (this will become step one once you have done this a few times)

The data entry screen appears. If you want to indicate the name of any assistants you had during atlassing in this square you can do so on the left (optional). Once you have named an assistant there name can be checked when you do data entry at any future date for any square.

Then enter in the date of your visit number – here I have added May 2nd from 07:15 – 10:30 and since my group never split up while atlassing the total party hours = 3 hours 15 minutes. You can define multiple visits if you want. When you have your visits defined, click on “Species 1” (the visit information and other data will save automatically each time you tab through the form)

Work your way through the species list, adding codes where appropriate. In this example, I had already added some casual observations of Pied-billed Grebe and Blue-winged Teal so these appear on the form automatically with a visit number of “0”. In this case I am adding the visit number of “1” and the code of “AE” beside Cooper’s Hawk (just an example!)

I then click on the “Species 2” tab at the top and then “Species 3” and so on until I have finished and then click the “Finish” tab – a list of species entered in this square to date will be shown…
THAT'S IT - YOU ARE DONE! Be sure to log out when you leave the site.

Now, If you would like to see your data in action go to “Data and Maps” and then click on “Square Summary Sheets” (direct link = ) and enter in the square number in the box as shown (I have chosen 14NA80) then click on “Download Square Summary Sheet for XXXXXX

The summary square sheets shows you not only the list of expected species but also which species have data entered already and the highest breeding evidence code used and the percentage of squares for which data has been entered where any given species has been recorded to date.

HAVE FUN! Atlas time is here!!

Ready to roll!!

Ok folks – everything is ready – the square maps are available off the website under the data and maps section and under the downloadable maps section you can download a map of your square… if you asked us to send you a kit look for it in the mail by the end of the week! If not, all the pieces of the kit are available for download off the web site. Just in time for the arrival of many species!!